Group Tanga carries the name of its founder. A musician since childhood, Tanga initially founded this band with his brothers Alfred and Dina, this original trio was later expanded into a family troupe cobining songs and dance.

The music of this exhilarating group reflects the enthusiastic and warmhearted atmosphere that emanates from this family of musicians-peasants, rooted in their land's rich culture, open to the world and to willing to meet others.

Their music is based on string instruments - kabosy, guitar, bassista, kararaka - accompanied by percussion and harmonica. The singing is collective, polyphonic with two or three voices. Their danses are light, creative, graceful.

Very popular in the Isandra district were they live, the group won many competitions, as far as the regional level. They also played a major role in the international project Les Paroles Ont Des Ailes, an artistic cooperation which we led between their municipality Isorana and the city of Saint-Denis in France.

Here is now their first album : The Treasure of our Ancestors. Entirely reorded in their village, it is meant to carry their songs far beyond the Isandra valley in order to meet new audiences.


Watch the short-movie presenting the troupe…