The Musicians

The musicians and artisans of the Lemhadong collective all reside in the village of Dekolon, on a hill overlooking Lake Sebu. They don't know how to read nor write, and survive day by day through small jobs.

They learned music by observing the adults when they were children. No-one ever taught them, except sometimes a fairy appearing in their dreams...

As a matter-of-fact, Tudbulul's concert didn't gather only humans : the fairies, custodians of the forest, were also attracted, and they were so enthralled by music that since then, they have been helping learning musicians by appearing in their dreams to encourage them. According to the Lemhadong artists, their musicianship has a lot to do with these wild fairies fond of music...

Members :

Fingguy Flang
Tunding Maguan
Luming Tuan
Lundi Langgon
Mingga Maguan
Mina Tunggan
Melun Malunggal
Neyet Mindal
Blina Tuhitum
Mundi Baai
Anay Maguan
Asita Ralla

With the support of Myrna Pula

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