The Tour

Thanks to the Republic of the Philippines, and its National Commission for Arts and Culture, the musicians of the Lemhadong collective visited France in June 2010 for an exceptional tour, with Altamira as the artistic director.

An extraordinary journey for these women who left their village in order to encounter a totally different world. Warmly hosted by the inhabitants of the city of Saint-Denis, they have been shining all along with their incredible grace.

In daily life as well as on stage, the musicians kept transmitting their remarkable sense of beauty, truly fascinating all those they met. And inviting us to think over the interconnections between art, environment, conviviality...

This journey has been a resounding way to carry on the legend of Lemhadong...

Saint Denis

The core of the tour has been the three-weeks artistic residency in Saint Denis, a dynamic multicultural city bordering Paris. Hosted in a retirement home, the musicians met the town inhabitants of all ages and origins through a series of intercultural gatherings, handicraft workshops and music performances in several neighborhoods. Organized with the municipal services, this unprecedented human experience climaxed with a final show at the Théâtre Gérard Philipe, an unforgettable moment of magic and beauty.

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Quai Branly

They were featured by the Quai Branly Museum for the last Salon de Musique of the season, broadcasted live by Arte Live Web.

Les Orientales

The musicians then travelled to the banks of the Loire river and joined the Orientales, the largest european festival dedicated to asian music (July 2, 3 and 4) where they met hundreds visitors in a green and relaxed environment.

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Lemhadong's tour in France was designed, coordinated and accompanied by Philippe Vallin, Laurence Thimothé and Boris Lelong with Geoffrey Bertazzolo.

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