The Record


The album Women artists of Lake Sebu is a sound portrait of the Lemhadong collective, and more generally the ecologic, social, musical and imaginary world of the Tboli.

The soundwork takes the shape of a continuous mix associating music and sounds of the daily environment.

To preserve authenticity, the recordings were made entirely on location, in the bamboo houses, the gardens and other places linked to the practice of music.

Through the album, we can hear the boat gliding on the lake, the lushness of insects, the gallop of the horse, the laughters of guests at a party, and many other snapshots plunging the listener at the heart of the Tboli world, making it possible to grasp the music in the context from which it came out.

A sample from the record : the kumbing jaw harp

Directed by Boris Lelong

Recorded in the region of Lake Sebu (Philippines)
Mixed in Saint Denis (France)
Duration : 76 minutes
31 pages booklet
Bilingual text
Color photographs

Recording, mixing, text and photographies : Boris Lelong
Coordination : Asita Ralla
With the participation of Myrna Pula
Production : Altamira
Publishing : Buda Records
With the support of Via Le Monde

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Altamira and Buda Musique released in 2002 a record featuring two musicians of the Lemhadong collective : Fingguy Flang and Luming Tuan. Lute music in Tboli country is dedicated to the hegelung lute, emblematic instrument of the Tboli of which Fingguy and Luming are outstanding players.

The album was awarded a “Bravo” by Trad Magazine. 

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